SupportersThank you for your support.

I appreciate your endorsement for Mayor, and I look forward to continuing to serve my community in our local city government.

Mary Lib Saleh, Former Mayor of Euless

In the past 25 years Euless has grown from a small bedroom community into a shining star of the Metroplex.

Linda Martin, a Euless city council member for 10 years along with our council, staff and many community volunteers have served together to change the image of Euless while keeping our heritage sacred.

During that time Euless has received many awards from Tree City USA, two National Arbor Days awards, State Finance and Library awards, Best Small City to Retire In, three Regional Cooperation Awards from the North Texas Council of Governments, Top Rated Golf Course and Conference Centre and many beautiful city parks.  All of the above without raising the tax rate!

Join me in electing Linda Martin as our next Mayor.  She will keep our star shining brightly while building a better tomorrow for our citizens.

Additional Current & Former Leader Endorsements

  • Harold Samuels, Former Euless Mayor
  • Jimmy Payton, Former Euless Mayor
  • Neal Adams, Former HEB ISD Trustee
  • Bobby Baker, Former Euless City Council
  • Billy Byers, Former Euless City Council
  • Billy Owens, Former Euless City Council
  • Glenn Walker, Former Euless City Council

Endorsement Quotes

The City of Euless has been blessed by Linda Martin’s service as a member of the City Council and will be even more blessed by the leadership she will provide as Mayor of the City of Euless.
Neal Adams
Great person with the experience and background for the job.  I would be very pleased to have her serve as Mayor of the City of Euless.
Bobby Baker
Linda Martin is the best choice for the office of Mayor for Euless.  Linda has experience in Euless’ government offices.  She is honest and is involved in our community.
Barbara Collier
I first met Linda in 2001 when we attended the Euless Citizen’s Fire Academy together.  Since then I’ve been impressed with her leadership, both in the community and as an elected official.  Her positions are well thought out and she seeks input from all sides.  My favorite Linda quote is in reply to a questionnaire: “Life experience has taught me that things often change when you least expect it.  We have to adapt.  It would be disingenuous of me to make absolute pledges to do or not do something because I believe breaking a promise is unforgivable.” Can you imagine the improvement on our country if state and national leaders had the courage to embrace those views?
Steve Ellis
You have done so many great things for our city, Many thanks for all your hard work & effort.  There’s not enough words to express our gratitude to you for helping to make our city a great place to live.
Sharon Finnegan
Linda is the defintition of everything that is right in the City of Euless.  Under her leadership and that of a community oriented council our star could not be brighter!
Sherry & Roger Fisher
I may be in DC, but I assure you that if I were back home in Euless I’d be organizing phone banks, block walks and fundraisers for Linda Martin.  Linda has been instrumental in moving Euless forward, growing the community in a responsible way, and provided smart stewardship of city resources to accomplish said growth.  Stick with Linda!
Todd Hill
We have known Linda Martin for over 25 years as friend and co worker at American Airlines she will always go far and beyond for others no matter who you are.
Henry & Kathy Hinojosa
As a former colleague at American Airlines and as a 30-year Euless resident, I have known Linda for over 25 years.  She is a forthright and thoughtful fiscal conservative who has served our city well as a council member and will continue to do so as mayor.
Sandy Josephson
We are 25 year residents of the great city of Euless and have seen remarkable progress over our tenure in the city.  Our parks and walking trails are incredible! There has been such foresight shown in the addition of sand volleyball courts in Bob Eden and the dog park in Bear Creek.  We appreciate the opportunity to add $.50 with each water bill that goes to off-set costs of improvements without taxpayer money.  The property tax has stayed stable for many years, and our council is known for their ability to work together amicably, to arrive at decisions that have the best interest of Euless at heart! Thank you!
Beth Kossuth
If I lived in Euless my vote would go to Linda Martin.  Linda has a good heart, genuine care and concern for the Citizens of Euless and moreover, a true caretaker of the Community.  I enjoyed working for the City of Euless and Linda Martin was a great part of that for me.  Vote if you can, I wish I could.
Patti Law
Linda Martin is a dedicated leader who can be counted on to keep making Euless even more FabEuless.
Kate Lyon
This is one incumbent who needs to be re-elected to the Euless city council.  She has a commitment to this city that is very rare indeed.
Betty Priddy
Linda is one if the hardest working public servants I know.  She is very dedicated to the citizens and employees of Euless.  She is by far the best person for the job.
Vicki Rodriquez
Re-elect Linda Martin if you want someone great. 
She’s kind and considerate and absolutely first rate.
No task too small or big for her plate,
She’ll take it all on and keep a clean slate. 
So, to you I say, there is no debate,
When it comes to a Linda vote, I won’t hesitate.

Susan Rogers
Linda Martin is a great attribute to the City of Euless!
Felicia Smith
“Linda Martin has the experience, knowledge and sincere concern for the citizens of Euless that will enable her to honestly and ably serve our city.”
Todd & Nancy Smith
Linda has devoted countless hours in service to Euless and has been the Mayor Pro Tem three different years.  This experience is crucial in order to represent our city in the North Texas community.  Her dedication and experience is what is needed in our next Mayor.
Tim & Faye Stinneford
She will continue to move the city forward.
Joey Ziemian

Supporter List

Neal & Sonja Adams Patsy Hoover
Al & Mary Aston Bruce & Esther Johnson
Gabriel Bach Sandy Josephson
Phil & Pat Bailey Norma Keplinger
Bobby Baker Beth Kossuth
Patricia Beall Kate Lyon
Leah Bennett Ronnie Mc & Suzie Mcclendon
Ed & Karen Benyon Mike McGehee
Melba Bien Bill & Marianne McGinnis
David Bolger Mary Pat McStravick
Andy Box Kerri Mellott
Ashley Boyett Treavor Mellott
Annette Briggs Shirley Mercer
Kerri Bryant Mellott Randell Mickan
Billy Byers Carl Miller
Perry & Lisa Bynum Alan & Lynne Moffatt
Barbara Collier Warner Muirhead
Michael Cowell Dawn & Randall Nisbet
Shirley Daily Betty Overstreet
Helen Davies Jimmy & Helen Payton
John & Carmen Deithloff Alejandra Picado
Linda & Bob Eilenfeldt Luann Portugal
Steve Ellis Ashley & Daniel Potak
Steve & Susan Ellis Betty Priddy
Sharon Finnegan Julie Ratliff
Sherry & Roger Fisher Vicki Rodriquez
Finola & Richard Flanagan Susan Rogers
Dennis & Carol Francoise John Schleeter
Kenneth Gallick Lois Sieverling
Jay & Irene Gilpin Felicia Smith
J.R. & Kay Goad Robert Smith
Bill & DiAnn Golden Todd & Nancy Smith
Valerie Goodwin William Smith
Elaine Green Tim & Faye Stinneford
Gloria & Milt Hartshorn Katrina & Max Thomas
Mark Hatch Susan & Billie Vest
Ernest & Susan Hayden Jerry & Glendora Waldrup
Pamela Hays Tom & Diana Williams
Kathy Henry Robert Wordinger
Todd Hill Joey Ziemian
Henry & Kathy Hinojosa Chris Marz & Tom Greenfield

Election Day

Saturday, May 6th
7:00am to 7:00pm